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The lace closure adaptation of our Gran Tourer XC, combining the flawless performance and incomparable comfort of the now best-selling off-road shoe with a supple and adaptable lace closure. Built for adventure-seekers who prefer a classic style, the tension adjustment and failhard dependability of a lace system is guaranteed to offer an enjoyable riding experience.

As with the dial version, the combination of the shoe’s featherlight, carbon composite outsole with an integrated TPU tread delivers superb stiffness and efficiency, while the addition of a rubber toe cap offers additional durability and protection for the die-hard, all-terrain rider.

Carrying over the range's optimised, padded heel cushioning and foot-moulding insoles while adding a choice of three arch inserts, the new shoe continues to provide the highest possible level of comfort and support. The shoe utilises high quality, abrasion resistant microfibre, and is finished in a choice of two brand new colourways along with QUOC's signature colour border.

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